September 27, 2023

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Offensive Tackle Battle

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Offensive Tackle is an odd name for a position when the job entails preventing the quarterback from being tackled, but much like the guard battle, the only one we’ll see is for who gets the 3rd spot.

Not Going Anywhere.

Demar Dotson

Donovan Smith

Left To Battle It Out.

Riley Mayfield: A rookie from the Mean Green of North Texas, Mayfield has shown himself to be anything but mean, but he’s certainly lived up to the name of the North Texas mascot, scrappy. Coming from a 4A Division II high school and then moving to North Texas University, Riley has had to scrap his way to even get invited to training camp, but he’s going to find himself in a fierce battle he may not be ready for.

Brock Ruble: Without a doubt, he is a monster among men. Standing at 6’8 and over 320lbs with a massive reach and an enormous frame, he has the size that can intimidate foes. Before transferring to the University of Toledo, Ruble played in 28 games at Florida State University, giving him the big-game experience that Mayfield would have never experienced in North Texas. He can also play guard if the situation arises, which gives him another advantage over Mayfield when it comes to winning the 3rd tackle spot.

If we’re going to place bets on who takes the 3rd tackle spot, our money is going on the man-beast Ruble. He has a few minor negatives, but nothing that can’t be coached away.

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