March 31, 2023

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Mike Evans: Y’all Dont Watch Film

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EA Sports gave Mike Evans a Madden rating of 91 for this year’s release, and despite that being a pretty solid rating for most receivers, it is not for Mike Evans.

Last season, Evans had a milestone season and a career year with 86 catches for 1,524 yards. Considered by anyone with half a brain to be one of the best receivers in the league, but there seems to be no love for him from EA.

The Buccaneers went 5-11 last season for the second straight time, and that could have had an impact on his rating for the guys over there at EA. But let’s face facts, despite popular opinion, Evans is 3rd in the league in receiving yards last year, 11th in TDS with 8 and 11th in receptions with 86. Think about that for a second, 11th in receptions and 3rd in receiving yards as well as yards per reception. Mike Evans deserves a little more respect. But alas, it is not up to popular opinion, or stone-cold facts. It boils down to what they decide. Rarely is an elite player ever happy with their ratings, not in over a decade anyway, but it has to feel like a slap in the face when one of the most popular video game franchises shows you no respect.

EA put some respect on his name!


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