February 5, 2023

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Who is Blaine Gabbert? 

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Cardinals at Redskins 12/17/17

Is Blaine Gabbert an experienced backup quarterback to Jameis Winston, or an insurance policy?

I looked into his NFL history and pulled some numbers.

He played from 2011 through 2018 with four different teams, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Arizona, and Tennessee. He had (1,498) pass attempts, (842) completions, (9,063) yards, (48) touchdowns and (47) interceptions.

As with anything in life, you gain experience with whatever it is you do or go through. I’d say that with (8) years of NFL experience it’s easy to say that he’s an experienced backup.

If Winston were to go down, I don’t foresee Blaine blowing up the League, but timing sometimes makes heroes! His stats aren’t mind blowing, but experience in a very tough league counts! Let’s hope that we never need to find out!

Go Bucs!

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