June 7, 2023

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Speak Freely!

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As a believer in God myself, I applaud Jameis Winston for sharing his Faith!
In our politically correct society, people have been conditioned to be afraid of speaking freely of God, Family, and Country.

There will be those who wag their finger at him, but in this country, we are free to express our beliefs.

We can hear different points of view and then we are free to choose what we believe!

Now, if anyone doesn’t want him to speak freely, don’t ask him to speak.

Athletes are human, humans have opinions, and if you disagree with someone, it’s okay to move on with your life without attacking them.

We should be thinking, “It’s cool that Winston took the time out of his busy schedule to speak.”

As always, Go Bucs!

video credit: CBS42 via Joe Bucs Fan