December 5, 2023

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Latest Class of Rookies Aren’t Impressed With Tampa’s Losing Culture and Are Ready To Help Change It.

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Nov 13, 2016; Tampa, FL, USA; A view of an official Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet on the sidelines at Raymond James Stadium. The Buccaneers won 36-10. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

History of Failure

Being that I’m fairly secure in believing that the 2019 class of Rookies didn’t grow up with their heads buried deep in the sand, it should stand to reason that they know the history here. Because just as the big winners have their place in history, their stories, triumphs, and team stars that helped carry a team to the highest levels of success, so do the losers have their place in history, their stories, failures, and team G.O.A.Ts that did not, or could not, stop the misery and the team’s collapse, year after year. Yeah, yeah, they know of when the Bucs were Mighty for that short blip on the map that meant so much as well, but this isn’t that story.

To clarify: I don’t believe we are losers. I believe there are just very long moments of unsuccessful seasons sandwiched around the moments when we shine. Since Bruce Almighty got here, we have started to get a sheen over us, a glint of a shine. The promise of something polished, a lil’ bit o’ glitter if you will like we just got in from a Dale Mabry strip club. Back to the topic, I digress.

Jameis Winston had some things to say about this all-so-important draft class of 2019. The following quote from Jameis Winston comes via Greg Auman of The Athletic:

“This is an interesting group,” Winston said. “They acknowledge the fact that we haven’t done things very well on the field. Leading from the bottom is always one of the things that I try to encourage our young guys to do, and this class has really taken to that. Not in a negative way or a harmful way, but they’re not all that impressed by what’s been there and the outcome. We have guys who have been winners and know what it takes, and they’re ready to move the needle.”

A New Day

I’m sure Bruce Almighty and staff are tickled pewter to see that attitude coming from a group of players that he hopes will become the clear leaders and bringers of the ‘ass whoop’ we so badly need to pour over our enemies. They aren’t impressed by the status Quo on Dale Mabry over the last few years and beyond. Time to change things around, it’s a new day in Tampa Bay, and these rookies wouldn’t want it any other way.




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