December 7, 2023

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Pro Football Focus Writers predict BIG YEAR from several Buccaneers

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Pro Football Focus Writers, of which Gator great Chris Collinsworth is majority owner, have a running top 50 players in the NFL List. Sam Monson, PFF senior analyst is high on three Bucs players possibly making the 50 man list next year. I agree with his assessment wholeheartedly and have pumped up these three at different times, in several pieces I’ve written this preseason.

The Three

They are, tight end O.J. Howard (1st round, 2017), defensive tackle Vita Vea (1st round, 2018), and Quarterback Jameis Winston due to the talented receivers around him. As well as Bruce Arians Offense which likes to throw down the field, and ability to get the most out of his QBs. Monson believes that Winston could win the passing title this season.

Healthy Players, Happy Fans


There is no doubt if Howard stays healthy, and folks that is the biggest question. He’s spent good portions of his first two years on the IR. Healthy, the sky is the limit for this kid. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up with 12-16 TDs in a full season of work.


Vita Vea is a Freaking Animal, GM Jason Licht doesn’t get much credit for this dead on the head draft choice, but he will, and that should start happening after his second season as a Buc. He’s very quick on his feet, very strong and overpowering, with a nose for the ball. In my opinion, he will make Bucs Fans forget all about Gerald not being here. This was the pick that made McCoy’s future here shorter rather than longer.

Then we come to Winston, who has always had flashes of the inner Superman within. Problem is, it seems like he has been wearing Kryptonite BVDs under his uniform. Enter Bruce Arians and Byron Leftwich. These two should be able to help Jameis avoid the majority of the mistakes that have plagued him over his time in Tampa. Feeling here is that we are always going to see some plays that make you scratch your head when it comes to the number one overall selection, but that his upside will make it all good, and for this player, his upside could be huge this season. For his future earning potential, he better hope it is.

In Summation

So there it is, just another sign that the Bucs are headed into the right direction in turning this thing around. With a very sweet core of young, ultra-talented players. The Bucs have set the foundation for future success. I’m hoping the future is now.

Go Bucs!!

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