December 7, 2023

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What Happens if Winston Implodes in 2019?

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Bruce Almighty, can he whisper loud enough?

We have all seen what Jameis can do when he’s on.  We have also seen too much of what he can do when he’s off.  With the arrival of Bruce Almighty Arians, the proverbial Quarterback Whisperer, and Byron Leftwich.  Coupled with how hard Winston has reportedly been working this offseason.  Add to that this year unlike any other, is the “Prove It” year for his future earnings.  So most believe that he will come through, and finally become the player all have hoped he could become.

Offensive Line, Backups, and Rising Above

Certainly, the Coaching Staff and front office believe he can, and will do it, but what happens if he doesn’t?  What if against all probable positive thinking, he just completely Implodes.  With what has been only a very mediocre Offensive Line, what if the Line just sucks it up all season.  That would certainly add to Winston’s woes and ability to rise above this year. My feeling is that there isn’t another starter worthy QB on the roster.  There are backups that can come in and manage the offense until an injured Winston could make it back.  As long as the injury isn’t serious and he’s only gone for a game or two.  Nobody that is going to come in and rally the troops and WOW the fans with their awesome skills and take Offensive Player of the week honors.

Consequences of Implosion

So if Winston Implodes and stinks it up, so will the Bucs.  Even with a hugely improved Defense, which I believe it will be.  As Winston goes, so goes the Bucs.  Our season would go down in flames, Winston’s earning potential will hit the bricks, and the front office would start scrambling to draft another Franchise guy in the 2020 draft, which there should be a few really good ones to choose from.  Jason Licht would also finally get the credit for blowing a number one overall pick on the wrong guy.  Fact is there may not have been a QB in Winston’s draft class that was a true Franchise Saviour.  That’s not “supposed to be” so in the next draft.  The draft is always a gamble, no matter what the position.  So starting over at QB is not something the Bucs want to go through again.  They have had such bad luck at the position for almost their entire existence.  If you are a fan of another NFL team, and someone says to you.  “Name a truly great Quarterback that was drafted and became a stud in Tampa Bay?”  Chances are you are going to get a “deer in the headlights” look.  Somebody may say, Doug Williams.  But that would probably be mostly from what he did when he left and went to the Skins.  Williams was a star, but let’s face it, he wasn’t a stud franchise QB.  Brad Johnson was a very smart QB, that played very well within Gruden’s system.  Again though, not a stud.

In Summation

Jameis Winston still has the chance to turn things around and become that QB the Bucs have never had.  Honestly, I believe that he can do it, and I believe he will do it.  Even if you don’t like the guy for his off-field problems, or whatever the reason may be.  Even most of those fans probably secretly are hoping he can deliver this year.  The alternative is starting over at the position, and that takes time and patience.  That is two things that the fans in Tampa are tired of giving.  So like him or not, let’s all support him this year.  Let’s all rally around the Offense and their Commander in Chief.  Because failure is something no Bucs fan wants to happen this year.  Happily, chances are he turns it around.  Here’s to you Mr. Winston, go get em.  Go Bucs!!

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