June 1, 2023

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If I’m Dreaming, Don’t Wake Me Up!!!!!

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Winston is under center, he glances left, then right. Sweat stings his eyes as he makes eye contact with Dante Fowler of the Rams. Then looks deeper into the defense, and spies, former Buc Aqib Talib coming up to the line to defend Mike Evans hands on. The football hits Jameis’ hands, and he drops back and spies Scotty Miller already has a step on Marcus Peters. He also sees J. Johnson the safety cheating over toward Millers Route.

He holds the ball out for Peyton Barber and fakes the handoff, and looks to the left side and sees that Evans has won the hands war with Talib and has a step on him because of it, but Talib is quickly making up the distance. Aaron Donald is giving Donovan Smith, and Jensen, all they can handle, but isn’t a threat yet. Fowler though, has spun around his blocker and is on his way.

Jameis looks downfield one last time before he decides whether to tuck and run. Nobody really open, time to tuck and fly. He protects the ball and begins to run down the line to the right which is still holding. Seconds before he crosses the line, he sees a hand go up, down the middle, behind the Defense. In a split second, he pulls the ball back up and lets it soar, as he is taken to the ground hard.

Touchdown O.J. Howard, as Winston hears the Bucs fans that made the trip roar with approval. The score is now Tampa 27, Rams 6 as the clock shows the contest is over. The Bucs are now 4-0 leading the Division by a game over the Saints. Stats of note are Suh with a sack and 7 tackles, two for a loss. Vita Vea has a sack as well, and 8 tackles solo. Mike Edwards, and Devin White both with an interception, the latter’s was a pick six. Gay kicked two field goals of 54, and 57. Peyton Barber finishes with 97 yards rushing, and 38 receiving. Evans and Howard both catch 7 passes, both for just over the century mark.

I’m awoken by the strong smell of Bacon, toast, I also smell toast. I look over at the TV, hoping the Bucs game just ended. but it didn’t, it’s Tuesday at 9 a.m. and Kelly Ripa is running her hand through Ryan Seacrest’s wavy hair, Gag me! It was a dream, just a dang dream. The Bucs don’t play on Tuesday’s and certainly not at 6 a.m.

Back to Reality, and the present

It was a dream, but that doesn’t mean it can’t actually happen to one extent or another. The Defense will be much improved, maybe the most improved in the League. Arians and Leftwich get Winston to cut way down on the turnovers that have killed us for years. The Offensive line is the weakest link, but they manage well enough to give Winston some time. With the running game no longer an afterthought, opponents must account for Barber, and he finishes with a grand on the year. It’s really not that far fetched. Arians will probably work wonders to some extent. The only thing that makes most of us doubt this happening is that we are the Bucs. Arians though hopefully will change that way of thinking around here, and bring us to the point where we don’t see situations like what’s above as folly. So dream Bucs Fans, Dare to dream the most improbable dreams of all. Believe we can overcome our past. Because we just might be the darlings of the NFL real soon. A man can dream, can’t he?