June 1, 2023

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Does Carson Wentz’s Deal Affect Jameis Winston’s Future Deal?

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The Eagles signed QB Carson Wentz to a 6-year $154 million deal. Take a step back for a second to accept that that is totally insane. Wentz has a Super Bowl ring, sure, but he never played a snap to get it. Right after his season-ending injury backup QB turned Jacksonville starter Nick Foles took the helm and brought them to a championship. I digress, this isn’t really Wentz entirely, however. But his payday does bring up a serious question: What’s this mean for Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston?

I’m not comparing either guy to each other. The variables are just too numerous. Things have just seemed to work in Philadelphia. Tampa however? Not so much. Now you can talk about garbage stats on Winston’s end or postseason berths on Wentz’s end and argue the comparisons end there as to why you shouldn’t. For most people? You’d have them convinced. Here’s the thing, though: The franchise disagrees with most people on Winston not being the effort. The Buccaneers have fired two head coaches after Winston’s divides with them. Winston made comments about how some in the organization don’t want to win as badly before Lovie Smith was fired and Dirk Koetter was all but slingshotted into his place. Then, there was talk that Jameis actually stopped listening to Dirk Koetter and his staff before he and the organization parted ways. The writing was on the wall with that one, and Jameis wasn’t the entire reason why that happened, but it did make the decision easier.

So, with the QB market being what it is and new QB deals approaching next offseason and Carson Wentz getting locked down, does that mean Jameis Winston will see a huge payday? In all honesty, I’d say so!

The organization has brought in a man dubbed the QB whisperer to assist him in getting his act together and even with the lackluster season behind him in 2018, they’re still paying him over $20m in his 5th-year option. No organization does that for one man if they don’t believe in him. Once they’ve finished this season, and Winston has shown real improvement, he will absolutely be signed to a substantial deal. Whether or not anyone agrees.

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