February 6, 2023

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Defensive Lessons With Suh

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released their 2010 first round pick this past week in Gerald McCoy. He has been the staple of the Buccaneers defensive front, and the decision to release him was an ongoing saga this off-season. Soon after the decision was made on McCoy, the Buccaneers signed free agent Ndamukong Suh. Fans had mixed feelings about the signing and made it apparent through social media.

Now that the signing is official, the question is: What can Suh do for the Buccaneers? He brings a toughness that the defensive front has been missing since Warren Sapp. The former Detroit Lion has been incredibly durable during his tenure in the NFL. He is still a disruptive force in the NFL. Last season, he played alongside Aaron Donald. What people don’t realize is that even though Donald is the best defensive lineman in the NFL, his numbers almost doubled with Suh by his side. In 2017, Donald had 11.5 sacks. In 2018, he recorded 20.5 sacks. Is this a coincidence? Probably not. Suh took the pressure from Donald, which gave him favorable match-ups.

This information is huge for the Buccaneers because the second-year man Vita Vea will inevitably become more of a disruption in 2019. Vita had three sacks and 21 solo tackles in his rookie season. This was in a shortened rookie season due to injury. Suh has been around for a while, and the knowledge he has accrued can help these young defensive linemen in Tampa. He’s also excited to play for defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and head coach Bruce Arians. This is the perfect signing for Tampa Bay. He is all about winning, and the Buccaneers are poised for a playoff push in 2019. Some fans and experts say he is lazy and causes problems, but just look at the 2019 NFL season and playoffs to see just how dominant he can still be on the defensive line. He was a force in three games for the Rams with 10 tackles and 1.5 sacks. He is worth every dime the Buccaneers paid for him. With Suh and Vea disrupting the front line the secondary will benefit from their coverage. Another year of excitement for the Buccaneers. We all hope this one doesn’t end in misery. The right man is leading the charge; Bruce Arians. Stay tuned for more information, Buccaneers fans.