December 7, 2023

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Don’t Hate! Participate!

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When rumors begin to swirl around about a player becoming a Buc, fans have the right to have an opinion. But some fans, on both sides of the rumors, need to relax just a bit!

What I’m getting at is that we’re entitled to our opinions, but we need to realize that as a fan, we don’t have any money vested and were not the ones who will lose our jobs if our “pick” doesn’t come through as we thought.

Sure, share your opinion, but don’t be uncivilized about it! Trust the process. Enjoy the ride! Hope that the Bucs will do well this year!

The way I’m looking at it, there is a process, and I expect the Bucs to go 9-7; this is a new staff, and they need time.

Whatever happens, I’ll always say: “Go Bucs!”