December 7, 2023

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Kyle Riddle’s Rundown: What Does Suh Bring That McCoy Does Not???

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The Gerald McCoy debacle has finally ended, and Bucs fans now feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. After releasing McCoy, the Bucs wasted no time to sign Free Agent DT Ndamukong Suh from the Rams. So how did the Bucs make out, what does Suh bring to the defense that McCoy doesn’t?

One glaring difference between the two DTs is that Suh brings a nasty streak and McCoy doesn’t. Gerald McCoy has always been an aw-shucks kind of guy when it comes to his play with some people even calling him soft. On the other hand, Suh is the exact opposite he likes to jaw at the line of scrimmage and plays like he has a chip on his shoulder.

Another difference is agility. McCoy is extremely quick for his size. He is usually one of the first D linemen to come off of the snap. I’m not saying Suh is not agile, believe me, he is very athletic for his size, but what he does lack in agility he makes up with his power. Suh put up 32 reps of 225 back at his combine compared to McCoy’s 23. While McCoy tries to get the job done with finesse, using swim moves spin moves, etc at the line of scrimmage, Suh gets by with sheer power. His bull rush is relentless, and he plays the run better than McCoy ever did. Also, Suh was much better in the tackle for loss (TFL) column.

Look for Suh to have a pro bowl type season starting new to Vita Vea, who has quite a mean streak himself.

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