December 7, 2023

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The Horse is Dead!

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Seriously, it needs to stop being beaten!

As of writing, Gerald McCoy is a Buccaneer. If that changes we’ll be among the first to say. McCoy is due to make $13M dollars this year after he signed a 7-year contract extension in 2014 worth $98 million, a record at the time. So many people focus on that little bit of information they have lost sight of reality. People bring up issues about McCoy and his attitude when responding to critics. Yet completely forget what he has done for the team and the Bay Area.

Since being drafted McCoy has recorded 297 tackles, 53.5 sacks and receives multiple recognition and accolades. The stats don’t really tell the story. The disruption that number 93 causes to an offensive line draws the kind of attention that is game planned. Sadly until the addition of Ryan Nassib and Jason Pierre-Paul, there has been little to no help on that line. Outside of Michael Bennett, who has been noteworthy on that defensive line? McCoy has basically been out there on his own! I don’t blame him for being upset at the lack of respect shown to him.

All year, every year McCoy is active in the community. Donating money and raising funds and awareness for many charities.

This talk of being traded is fan driven. By fan bases who want McCoy. The fact that fan forums around the league feature wish lists with the name Gerald McCoy should tell Tampa fans we’re lucky he’s a Buc.

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