December 7, 2023

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Will QB Nick Fitzgerald Make The Cut?

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College Days:

In his redshirt freshman season at Miss. St. Nick Fitzgerald backed up Dak Prescott. For the remaining three years in Starkville, it was all his team. If he had a better team around him during those years, there’s no telling how far the team could have gone. Fitz became the all-time leading rusher at QB in the SEC (3,607), breaking Tim Tebow’s record. Shattering records for career rushing 100-yard games by a QB (21), Most 100-yard rushing games by a QB in a season (8), and single-season average yards per rush (7.1). Had his passing stats been anywhere that good. He would have been a sure-fire first-round pick. His numbers passing weren’t too shabby though. For his Career, he finished with 55 touchdowns, 6,207-yards, and with a rating of near 118.2. A guy that would be perfect for that change of pace QB, that teams like the Saints are giving 2-6 plays a game.

Undrafted, Nick signs an FA contract with Tampa Bay:

Nick knows that he is going to have to do whatever is asked of him by Bruce Almighty Arians and staff. Making himself too important to cut, are his plans. Arians had this to say about Fitzgerald,

“Nick’s one of those intriguing guys because as a quarterback he can do a lot of things for you and I think back to Joe Webb, some of those guys who were running quarterbacks they found a niche playing special teams, being your third quarterback, maybe playing some other position as a guy to get you out of games. So, that would be his role if he can win it and groom him as a quarterback.”


Fitzgerald had this to say at the same press conference:

“Going through the whole process since I left college, everybody always said, ‘Hey, you can play multiple positions,’ and I’m completely fine with that. I’d love to get on special teams, have a chance to do that, maybe go run some routes, do something. I’m always open to doing whatever I can. Make the team first and then obviously help the team while I’m on it. Whatever they ask, I’m willing to do.”


He’s the kind of player that is a difference maker. The same kind of player Tim Tebow could have been had he not insisted on only playing QB. There is no doubt he has the ability to play multiple positions. It should be fun to watch him in pre-season fighting for a spot. I truly hope he makes the team. I would love to see him behind center as a changeup to Winston. Just another subplot to the upcoming season, and hopefully a 3rd string QB will come out of it. Don’t blink this season, or you will surely miss something.

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