December 7, 2023

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Relax Bucs Fans !!!

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I have waited a week because I have been soaking up all the Podcasts, Websites, FB Pages, and all Bucs Content outlets. I have heard everyone complain that this draft stinks and Jason was asleep at the wheel again. I get it because when you have not made the playoffs in over 10 years all we can do is complain. I get it, yes you can complain, and you know what? It’s ok. I am gonna tell you all to step away from the Skyway ledge and listen to my logic.

I think this draft was very good, and I know you are going to say that I am drunk. I would agree, had I written this last week, when I got to see some of my Buccaholics family in Vegas. I did wait a week and let those hangovers clear up before writing this article.

When I look at the draft, I think that this staff evaluated some very bad tape of our defense and they got a chance to see this team work in camp before the draft. I think they knew where the holes were on this team. I think getting as many CB’s as you can was a good thing. At the end of last season, we had guys playing in the secondary that should have never been in the NFL. I know we are all excited that VH3 is back, but there is no guarantee he can stay healthy. Aside from a few splash plays from the rookies last year, like Davis, Stewart, and Whitehead, they all got hurt and no one had an INT.

When it comes to injuries, Evans is still dealing with Turf Toe, and that can be devastating to one’s career as it’s something that may never heal. So many players say it’s the worst injury you can have in football. So, I like what this staff did in getting some secondary guys with speed, size, and talent for depth. In the NFC South, that’s something that is needed.

I am also very impressed with Devin White and his background. I think he is wearing a C on his jersey by next season. He is a beast, and we have not had a big linebacker who can control the middle in a while. I love guys who come from LSU they just make great pro players. I can’t wait to watch him play. I know many wanted that speed rusher, but White to me is a guy who can own that locker room and lead by example. I think the Bucs need better character guys, especially based on what we saw the last few years with guys like DJax & Grimes.

I like the Kicker pick as well. I am not sold on Santos as he has limited range and injuries in the past. If this kid hits and he is on this team for the next 10-years, then it’s a great pick. If not, oh well! It just means that the Curse of Matt Bryant still haunts this team. I think you have to keep working to find the right guy for that position until you find the one that will be great for you. The PK, more than ever, is a factor with the new XP’s.

So don’t ever judge a draft until 2-3 years down the road. Rushing to such a snap judgment is crazy. We are all a tad crazy because we all live the Bucs Life. So let’s all relax, and cast our judgment later on down the road. Enjoy the weekend everyone! We are another week closer to NFL football!