June 1, 2023

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Defense Helps The Offense!

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In my opinion, when the defense shuts down the opposition’s offense, our offensive team gets confidence.

There’s something to be said about when a defense allows long drives and opponents scoring all game, the mood gets down and pressure begins to make players on offense try to force things.

When a team is dominant on defense, the offense usually looks better and gets more opportunities to score.

Once a defense flexes its muscle, the opposing team’s morale can and often is shaken!

Three and outs can cause strife and discontent in any team’s effort to score or win!

Look at our 2002 team, and this is very evident! Once we showed our prominence early in a game, you could see it in the other team with hands on their hips and overall delivery, a clear sign of defeat!

That defense carried us without a doubt, but once we got into the playoffs, I noticed that we looked better on the offensive side of the ball!

I’m old school and still buy into the theory that, “Defense wins championships!”

Build a solid defense, “and they will come!” (Super Bowls) that is!