December 7, 2023

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The Number #40, Devin White and Mike Alstott

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#5 Overall Pick Devin White Wishes To Wear #40, His College Number at LSU

Devin White has worn the number #40 for some years now, and has had a nice college career playing in that jersey. White has been asked about wearing the number if the Bucs drafted him. He replied that the number is the one he wears, and that he would do whatever needed to be done to be able to wear it (meaning, talking to Mr. Alstott about it). Well look what’s transpired. The Bucs Drafted the number 40 wearing White. When asked about it after the draft, White said:

“I haven’t talked to [Mike Alstott] about it, but, I know the number is retired. He was a great player and it shows how much he meant to be in the Ring of Honor and I am respectful of that. I want to get here and be a part of this family first before I even think about numbers but I have been 40 for a while but also 24 in the past and I have been other numbers. The number don’t make me, the people around me make me.”

Now a Buccaneer, White gets his Numbered Jersey

That Jersey bore the number Forty One.  Much to the delight of concerned Bucs Fans, you could almost hear the collective air being released, from Alstott Junkies holding their breath.  I have felt since the draft that the #40 issue would be a subject that wouldn’t be raised until if and when, White made a name for himself, and became a star.  That level having been reached, I have a pretty good feeling that if Devin White was respectful, and asked Mike about wearing the Jersey #40 that Mike, being the man he is, would have no problem with it. It would be worn on the other side of the ball, so it’s really not as big of a deal as it sounds. In my opinion, the number should never be worn on Offense again. Defense though is another thing, and I think Mike Alstott would see it that way, too.

Fan Reaction If Alstott Agreed

As far as the fans reaction to Devin White wearing #40. I think it would be a big fat Buccaneer “NO!”  I don’t think fans, at least most of them, will go for that number being worn by any other Buccaneer no matter which side of the ball it’s worn.  There would be fans losing their minds all over the World.  Mike Alstott is one of the fans all time favorites, and I don’t see them going for it on any level. I would expect the uproar to be long and loud against. When it comes right down to it, though it’s between Mike and Devin. Just another thing to keep an eye on as #41 attempts to become the reload at starbacker for our Beloved D.  The better White turns out to be, The easier it will be to approach Mike about it.  One things for sure, No matter how it goes.  If he wears that number #40, some will always be against it.  That is how much #40 means to Bucs Fans, and rightfully so.


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