December 7, 2023

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Mike Evans: “I would be the biggest corner in history”

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April fools or not, Mike Evans really does want to play cornerback. During Day one OTAs press conference, Mike Evans reiterated today’s news about him wanting to play cornerback.

“I let it be known that situationally I would play if they wanted me to. I would be the biggest corner in history.”

No coaches ever spoke to Evans about playing cornerback, but it is apparent that he really would like to take a shot at playing the defensive position and believes he would excel as a press corner.

“If they want me to situationally I will. I will. I gotta just get practice at it obviously. I’d be a much better press corner than an off corner, I’ll tell ya that.”

Taking into account that he plays wide receiver, Evans believes that he would excel at covering some of the toughest wide receivers to cover in the league.

“No deep balls will be getting caught on me, I know that’s for sure unless a guy just moss’s me. Maybe Julio might go over the top of me, I don’t think that would happen, though. I’m bigger than every receiver in the league. The only thing that they might get me is on the back shoulder. They probably can get me on the back shoulder that’s hard to defend, but everything else, if I’m pressing, I like my chance versus a lot of receivers.”

“I know I play receiver. I know all the releases down the field. Not even Tyreek Hill is gonna get me if the ball is in the air – me and Tyreek Hill and he’s ahead of me a little bit – I can catch up because of my size, and my ability to jump. The deep ball would be covered for sure.”

I wouldn’t expect Mike Evans to become a full-time DB, but I would have to wonder if he would get a chance here and there to try his hand at playing corner. Maybe in the preseason?

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