June 1, 2023

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Position Shifts Incoming.

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Pewter Report was at the combine this morning to hear Jason Licht do a brief press conference. Questions were asked about players headed to free agency and where other players on the roster landed. Changes are indeed going to take place, but perhaps, not in the way we think.

According to Licht, they’re exploring the options of moving CB MJ Stewart to Safety and Caleb Benenoch to Tackle. Licht stated Benenoch didn’t have the kind of performance they wanted for his position. Stewart would probably be based on more of a need for the position at depth as it was told that he has a history at the position. While seemingly a bit undersized, his aggressive play style would fit well in the position.

This also carries on the talks that the Bucs won’t be making that big of a splash in the free agency this year. So the draft picks might be heavily defensive, and the Bucs could boast a very young and up and coming defense and very new order on the offensive line. More to come.

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