December 7, 2023

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Does Browns Tackle Greg Robinson’s New Deal Affect Donovan Smith’s Payout?

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The Cleveland Browns gave OT Greg Robinson a one-year contract worth upwards of $9 million, so does that set the bar for Donovan Smith?

Robinson is ranked by PFF as the #63 Tackle out of 100 eligible and Smith is ranked #46.

The Buccaneers are currently working on a contract for the 25-year-old tackle and are rumored to be ready to use the franchise tag if an agreement cannot be made. The franchise tag would pay Smith $14 million guaranteed. But since Robinson, who is considered to be a similarly skilled player, just received a $7 million base salary for next season, but that also puts the Buccaneers are in a solid position for negotiating, and they could get away without having to use the franchise tag after all.

I would be ok with the Bucs organization using the franchise tag on Donovan Smith, giving him around the same amount of money as the Browns gave to Robinson. The Bucs haven’t used their franchise tag in several years, but this year, it might be time for that to change. But if they don’t decide to do that, the Bucs need to give Smith a one-year incentive-based deal and make him prove it.

He needs to prove that he was worth the second round pick in 2015. He needs to prove that he is worth keeping around for more than one more year. I want to see him improve under the Arians regime. He is valuable to have around because of his four years of experience, but I don’t think he has a long term future as the Bucs starting left tackle. Maybe as a guard or as the starting right tackle.

It’s time to prove it, Donovan. Go work your butt off and show us you want it.