June 5, 2023

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Replacing DeSean Jackson

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One of the biggest decisions the Bucs face this offseason is whether they keep DeSean Jackson or they release him. If we keep him, it would be $10 million that the Bucs couldn’t use towards the 20+ free agents they have. Some people like myself want him to stay and let Arians use him correctly in this offense. Others want him gone and feel he is easily replaceable. Now let’s say that he is released; Who replaces him? Let’s look at some intriguing names.

  1. John Brown – This would be the logical choice. Not only has he played for Arians in Arizona, but he also had his best year under him in 2015 with 65 receptions and 1,003 yards. He signed a 1-year $5 million deal with Baltimore so he would come at a slight discount than Jackson’s $10 million.
  2. Michael Floyd –  Another former Arians player is also a free agent and can also stretch the field. Now he hasn’t had as much success as he did with Arians these past years, but if healthy, can come in at a discount and produce at a high level.
  3. Parris Campbell – Looking at the draft we have a couple of interesting options and we’ll start with Parris Campbell from Ohio State. While he has blistering speed and can stretch the field, he has been mired with drops. While he could be a second day or later pick he can come in and immediately contribute. This, of course, is all dependent on him working to fix his drop problem.
  4. Marquise Brown – Brown is another speedy receiver with blazing speed. He would be the perfect addition to the Bucs. He could be anywhere from a day 2 to a day 4 pickup and would, of course, be much cheaper than $10 million.

This offseason will bring a lot of tough decisions for the Bucs. ATB and Bucs Life News will be there to keep you up to date and well informed about your favorite team.

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