March 31, 2023

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Donovan Smith To Get The Franchise Tag Today?

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Today begins the period in which teams can place the tag on players and the question on the tips of many tongues is, will Donovan Smith get the franchise tag?

Donovan Smith has been the talk of the town ever since word came out that the Buccaneers want to keep the veteran LT from testing the free agency waters. The word has been that Tampa will try to negotiate a new long term contract that benefits both team and player, however it has also been stated that the Buccaneers could place franchise tag on Smith if an agreement cannot be made.

With the Buccaneers cap currently sitting at $15,987,607, it seems that a franchise tag of $14 million will take most of that up. However, the NFL is bumping cap space up an additional $10-14 million per team which would help cover the cost of Smith.

If the Buccaneers and Smith cannot agree to terms and they decline to use the franchise tag, which they seldom use, then Buccaneers will allow Smith to test the FA and possibly find themselves in a better position to negotiate a contract. But again, with the scarcity of solid LT’s in the free agency, many are of a belief that the Buccaneers will use the franchise tag on Donovan Smith.

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