December 5, 2023

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If AB is Out in Pittsburgh, Should D-Jax Replace Him?

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Opinion Editorial:

After seven Pro Bowl selections in nine years for Antonio Brown during his tenure with Steelers, and now it seems he wants out of Pittsburgh. It would seem to be a no-brainer for teams lacking a talented number one wide receiver, but that leaves the Steelers thin at the wideout position. Luckily for them, the Bucs have a diva of their own who also wanted a trade.

We still do not know if Bruce Arians can persuade DeSean Jackson to stay and play out his contract in Tampa. Jackson had already put his home in Tampa up for sale and made it known that he can’t play nice with Tampa QB Jameis Winston. I think he would fit in well in Pittsburgh with Big Ben.

If Adam Humphries hits free agency, then it would be wise to hang on to D-Jax, at least for the upcoming season.

The big question I have is; What is Jackson’s trade value at this stage in his career?

Also, can Jackson replace Antonio Brown’s production?

If Pittsburgh throws a day two draft pick at us, then I’d say yes trade Jackson. Can DeSean catch 90 balls or even 80? If Mike Tomlin thinks he can, then we should pull the trigger at any solid offer made! Jason Licht should seriously consider any solid trade offer that comes across his desk.

*Disclaimer: No one is saying trade AB for D-Jax.

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