June 5, 2023

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Is Kwon Alexander Worth $10 Million A Season?

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Opinion Editorial:

Kwon Alexander’s rookie contract just expired at the end of the 2018 season, and with the Buccaneers not likely to pay him $10 million plus year and the belief that other teams will pay that price, it’s hard to see how he fits in the Bucs future plans.

The new head coach Bruce Arians is installing a brand of defense that hasn’t been seen in Tampa for some time, leaving us to question whether or not Tampa afford Kwon Alexander. He is not likely to fit in with the new defensive scheme. Alexander is more of a 4-3 outside backer, and he has stepped up superbly in the middle over the past few seasons. His coverage skills are a great thing to have: 6 career Interceptions, 7 sacks, and 20 pass breakups. His 380 Tackles since 2015 is a strong indication of how important he is to this defense and when healthy, he has been the leader of Tampa’s Defensive unit.

Kwon has been the lifeblood of sorts for the Bucs, bringing a passion that hasn’t been present in Tampa since the days of John Lynch and Warren Sapp.

The defense is changing, and he should be there to help mold it, but it’s him or Gerald McCoy. I personally believe McCoy is more suited for this hybrid defense than Kwon. This fact alone says to me that Tampa’s GM is looking to find a replacement in the 2019 Draft coming up in April.

I hope I’m wrong.

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