December 6, 2023

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Offseason Champs: The Most Consistent Winningest Losers

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Offseason Victory Recap: Let’s draft a stud WR! 2-14 you say? How about a Heisman QB! 2015 will be better! New QB! Jameis will lead us to the SB! 4-12 you say?! Jameis just needs a better mentor! Don’t let Dirk Koetter leave!

This is the point where Lovie Smith is shown the door over the phone (look up Licht doing an interview on that one), and Dirk Koetter is all but thrown into the HC position. This also the year Vernon Hargreaves, Roberto Aguayo, Caleb Benenoch, Noah Spence, and Devonte Bond were drafted. Drafting a kicker in the second round makes a splash bigger than an asteroid in the ocean. It’s also the only year the Buccaneers have had a winning season since John Gruden, finishing 9-7 and barely missing the playoffs.

In 2016 overall, it seemed like the Buccaneers were on the right track. This also when the “weapons for Winston” soundbite went into full swing. DeSean Jackson was signed, and OJ Howard and Jeremy McNichols were drafted to bolster the offense. Defensively, Chris Baker, and TJ Ward were signed on as well. Both of which were without a doubt some of the worst FA signings this side of the decade. This was also when the Buccaneers were on Hard Knocks.

Offseason Victory Recap: How about some veteran free agents to fill those needs and some good draft picks? What if we put the team on a TV show to crank up national expectations? Can we win games now? Answer: Here are 5 wins a season for 2 years.

The Bucs finished 5-11 in both 2017 and 2018 leaving fans with the bitter taste of defeat in their mouths. This ultimately ended up with Dirk Koetter being fired and Bruce Arians being brought in. Why such a large splash? Because he was retired and he said he wanted to be here and he’s affectionately dubbed the “QB whisperer.”

Offseason victory recap: Let’s bring in a retired high-winning “QB whisperer” to develop our struggling QB, overhaul our defense, fine tune our offense, and motivate our special teams! Surely we can win games now, right? RIGHT?

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