December 6, 2023

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Mike Evans Playing Cornerback?

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The NFL Pro Bowl has not been much fun for most to watch in the last decade or more as it has turned into nothing but a friendly exhibition style All Star game. The only way to be a part of this Allstar exhibition is to win the popular vote.

Mike Evans did not win the popular vote, sadly, as popular opinion rarely makes for a popular decision. However, Evans did get selected as an alternate, and due to Julio Jones’ injury, he was able to participate in the event.

Our top receiver did not get the chance to do a whole lot of anything on the NFC team’s offense, but it was due to no fault of his own as the NFC team’s offensive attack was basically hot garbage. They were so bad in fact that the team did not score until the 4th quarter. The NFC team almost became the first team to be shut out in the Pro Bowl in its existence.

The NFC lost 20-7, but Mike Evans was a winner for the defense late in the 4th quarter. Yes, I said the defense.

Evans was put in at cornerback, where he found success. First, he broke up a poorly thrown pass by DeShaun Watson to Jarvis Landry and then shortly after that, he intercepted another poorly thrown pass by DeShaun Watson that was again intended for Jarvis Landry.

Watching Mike Evans playing solid defense was certainly fun to watch, but one has to entertain the idea, “What if he played corner in the regular season?”

Ok, now that the idea is out of our systems, let us be realistic; It is not gonna happen, and it should never happen. However, for me, it was the most exciting moment of the entire Pro Bowl.

Every year it seems that the Pro Bowl gets significantly more boring, and for many fans, it is becoming significantly more pointless. But for the players and the young fans, it is an experience that will last them a lifetime.


Here’s an extra highlight video of Evans’ 2018 season performance.

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