December 4, 2023

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The Benefits of a Howard and Brate Double TE Set

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There are several benefits of running a dual tight end set, utilizing both O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate. Number one, it helps with blocking in the running game. Number two and perhaps the biggest, most important benefit of all, it creates a huge matchup problem for the defense in the passing game.

In a double tight end set, the Bucs will have a huge size advantage over most of the other defenses in the NFL. In a double tight end set, you have your five offensive linemen, two tight ends, the quarterback, one running back and two receivers. Having to cover three guys (Evans, Howard, and Brate) who are all 6’4″ or taller will be difficult for any defense, especially in the red zone. Plus, there is always the option of the running back coming out of the backfield to catch a pass. Opposing defenses also can’t forget about the other receiver, whether it be Godwin, Jackson or Humphries (depending on whether or not Jackson and Humphries get brought back during the offseason). The play-action pass is also a very effective play call in a dual tight end set.

It is going to make opposing defenses choose who is the most important target that they need to focus on covering the most, which in turn, is most likely going to result in someone being left open. The Bucs have several offensive weapons at their disposal and in their arsenal that they can use, it’s kind of like a “pick your poison” situation. As long as the offensive line can provide Winston with enough time to go through his progressions and make an accurate throw to an open man, I forsee the dual tight end set being a very effective formation for the Bucs. Go Bucs! Fire the cannons!

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