December 4, 2023

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John Lynch: The Hall of Fame or The Hall of Very Good?

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Any time a Buccaneers player comes up for the Hall of Fame, there is a level of favoritism that can overcome the facts. This is only natural as any fan will be biased towards players they have watched through their careers. Hence many Buccaneers fans believed Mike Alstott belonged in Canton whereas the rest of the NFL just nodded and moved on to realistic candidates.

The Bucs have two defensive backs from their Super Bowl team on the cusp of the NFL Hall of Fame. Ronde Barber has the statistics, but not the reputation of a shutdown corner, and John Lynch has the reputation, but not the numbers.

The day before Super Bowl LIII, with Barber already eliminated from this year’s shortlist, No.47 will once again come up for discussion by the Hall of Fame Committee for his potential election.

Will he make it? The heart says yes, the head says no.

Lynch was indeed a punishing hitter, who has a tremendous reputation around the league for his personality as much as his play, but was he a real game-changer? Was he the kind of player, who was the best of his generation?

Right now, John is a definite member of the Hall of Very Good, but the Hall of Fame may be a step too far. It may sound strange to say, but should he become successful as GM of the San Francisco 49ers, then this could actually help his candidacy down the road.

I loved John Lynch as a player, and nothing would make me happier than to see his bust next to that of Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, and Lee Roy Selmon. But realistically I do not think it will happen. I hope I am wrong.

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