December 6, 2023

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Bucs Season Pass Prices Drop.

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After a heartbreaking 5-11 season in 2017 and coming off of HBO’s Hard Knocks and the expectations the show brought, the 2018 season wasn’t fairing any better. The Buccaneers organization in the middle of the 2018 season resorted to giving extra tickets away to season pass holders, but even then, many seats remained empty. This is undoubtedly linked to several, back to back, losing seasons and the lack of playoff contention. The hiring of Bruce Arians is hopefully going to help add the final pieces to a winning culture in Tampa, but until that happens the Buccaneers organization, at least for the 2019 season, have dropped the prices for season pass holders. Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times wrote that the Bucs organization reached out to season pass holders and told them the passes would be cheaper than last year. Bucs COO Brian Ford was quoted saying:

“We recognize and appreciate the passion and loyalty of our season pass members who have supported the Buccaneers throughout the years. For the second year in a row, there will be no price increase for our season pass members, ensuring that we remain one of the most affordable priced tickets in the NFL. We look forward to continuing to provide the best in class customer service and overall game experience that our season pass members have come to expect.”

Hopefully, as time progresses, things will look better in Tampa, and the fans will come back to full attendance. This should certainly help the matter.

2 thoughts on “Bucs Season Pass Prices Drop.

  1. No one from my section has been contacted about having lower prices… I am still paying the same since Sep on the deal of a lifetime… Monthly payments and we’ll through in a free parking pass. Unless they are generous enough to not charge us for the game in London… Wow what a savings. Nine home games instead of 10… No loss of home field advantage there against the Panthers there…

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