February 6, 2023

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Local New Orleans Attorney Files Suit Against the NFL.

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Reported by WYFF4’s Matt Young of the Houston Chronicle reports that New Orleans attorney Frank D’Amico Jr. filed a suit against the NFL asking the courts to take action.

“So what can the NFL do about the outcome of the Rams-Saints game? Probably nothing,” D’Amico said, “Bad calls happen. Sometimes, bad calls have bigger consequences than others. Still, there’s language in the rulebook that could, in the right circumstances, allow the commissioner to take extreme action in the face of a grossly unfair result.”

We reported that earlier in the week that Goodell could take action. Looks like he’s being urged to now. D’Amico goes on to argue that if Goodell HAS the authority but won’t use it for something like this, then why is the rule there?

To read Frank D’Amico’s full statement click the image below:

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