December 7, 2023

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Is Steve Smith Sr. Right About Winston?

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The GMFB Weekend crew, which includes names like former NFL WR Steve Smith Sr. weighed in on the reasons why DeSean Jackson wants out of Tampa.

Smith’s main reason? Jameis Winston.

He didn’t hold back on his thoughts on the matter.

Opening with, “There’s a significant difference in DeSean Jackson’s numbers when Jameis Winston is playing.” He went on to take a shot at Winston in the next sentence by saying even though Arians is a great offensive mind, “You can’t squeeze apple juice out of that lemon.”

When asked if he thought Winston was the quarterback of the future in Tampa Bay, his shot was direct and blunt,

“This my job and I’ll be here next week. Hell Naw I don’t think he’s the QB of the future.”

That’s tough, but he’s not the only one to say it. Winston’s road has been a unique one in Tampa Bay and despite Winston’s criticism, mistakes, and off-field issues he’s still getting his 5th-year option this year worth $20.8m, a new coach dubbed the QB whisperer to help improve his craft, and the large support of his teammates and ownership.

This year will very much have an effect on his future in Tampa, but to say he’s not the QB of the future is a stretch at this point. He may not be, but he’ll have this year to prove that either way.

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