December 4, 2022

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The Buccaneers Will Play The Panthers in London!

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The matchup across the pond will be considered a home game for the Bucs.
As part of a growing international NFL initiative, Tampa will be one of five teams hosting games outside of our border.

Wembley Stadium or Totten Hotspur Stadium will set the scene for a long time divisional rival, and hopefully, the Bucs give the Panthers ‘What for’.

The official schedule for when this game will be held will be released in the coming months, however, according to Scott Smith, senior writer and editor for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers official website, the three games played in London last year fell during weeks 6-8.

As a stipulation for hosting Super Bowl LV in 2021, the 2019 London game will mark the fourth time the team has played outside of our borders, the third time in London, and the first time the team has faced a division rival overseas. The first game the Bucs played outside of the country was in Tokyo during the 2003 preseason when the Super Bowl Champs tuned-up the New York Jets 30-14. The first time the Bucs played in London was against the Patriots in October of 2009 losing that game 35-7. The following game was again in an October of 2011, in which the Bucs lost to the Chicago Bears 24-18.

The Bucs are 1-2 outside of the United States.

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  1. Yet another reason I’m glad I’m not renewing my season tickets for next season. A home game paid for that most home fams can’t attend.

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